5-Star Reviews from Yelp:

"John is incredibly compassionate and a good listener. His calm demeanor helps you think through things and he gives really solid (and simple to implement) methods to be less anxious and more mindful, appreciative and present. Highly recommend him - especially to any fellow hi-strung overachievers in the tech industry!"

"John creates a safe space for his clients to grapple with whatever it is they need. His inexplicable ability to disarm and empathize has been pivotal in helping me process the death of my mom earlier this year. John asks powerful, timely questions, and listens without judgment or expectation. I believe that John truly values his clients as whole, complete people."

"You will not find a more dedicated or talented therapist than John Clarke. I've seen many fantastic therapists in the Bay Area but John is a cut above the rest."

Professional testimonials:

"I have consulted with John Clarke while I was a doctoral student at James Madison University.  John is a fantastic therapist, a genuinely warm and authentic person.  He is able to mix support with challenge, care with confrontation.  I would gladly refer clients to see John if I lived in the Bay Area."--Dr. Thom Field, City University, Seattle, WA

"I have known John Clarke for 10 years and am a fellow colleague of his.  I find him to be one of the most genuine, fun-loving, empathetic, and compassionate individuals I know.  He is very dedicated to those he works with, and skilled at what he does.  John is not only a warm and welcoming individual who is easy to connect with therapeutically, but he is also knowledgable and well-rounded in his ability to tackle a wide variety of presenting problems.  I would highly recommend anyone seeking therapeutic services to work with John.  He is the absolute BEST!"--Bonnie Culpepper, Individual and Relationship Therapy Center, Denver, CO

"John has the rare combination of being really knowledgable AND being incredibly warm, compassionate & empathic. I wouldn't hesitate to refer potential clients to him. His manor of pursuing his craft is an inspiration and I admire how clearly he thinks things through before responding. I think his clients are lucky to have him."--Neil Howell, Private Practice, San Francisco, CA